I recently wrote an article for The EvoLLLution on how faculty effectiveness with technology is the new imperative for higher education institutions. As I mention in the article, there are four primary trends that have made technology adoption so critical:

  • The growth of digital learners
  • The rise of the non-traditional learner
  •  Increased recognition of the importance of student engagement
  • Data becoming king

These trends create a new imperative for deep usage of technology in teaching and learning, but the ever-growing set of use cases for technology creates a dynamic and complex landscape to navigate.  Here are a few tips to get started:

  1. Lower adoption barriers to faculty who aren’t yet comfortable with the technology, but make sure the tech-savvy folks are satisfied. Choose technology that is easy to use, but also has the deep functionality today’s digital natives expect.
  2. Recruit champions and convert the laggards. Empower the technology champions to sway their peers, but also find a faculty member or two who are the primary voice of resistance and meet with them. Discuss how greater adoption of technology can aid in student success and help meet student expectations to help convert them to advocates. 
  3. Look for quick wins that positively impact the learner experience. Introduce a technology that directly affects students and show faculty how it helps students succeed and improves workflows.  Use data to prove the case.
  4. Partner for best practices. Engage or consult with a team who understands the use of technology all along the student lifecycle and who can help you enhance faculty effectiveness. A high level of faculty support through good training and consulting at the onset helps schools increase adoption in the long run.
  5. Make expectations for faculty technology usage consistent so the learner experience is engaging regardless of department, course or professor.  Allow for academic freedom within courses, but make effective practice templates available. Set “minimum guidelines” for navigation and other key student experience items you want to be consistent.

Do you have any additional tips for increasing faculty efficiency with technology? If so, please add them in the comment section below.

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