One of the best ways to reach today’s active, tech-savvy students is to deliver learning where students already are: on smartphones and tablets. Since studies show that smartphone users spend the majority of their phone time on apps, and nearly half of all students already use smartphones for school-related tasks, leveraging mobile platforms is an easy way for schools to connect with students whether they are on campus or on the go.

That’s why we developed Blackboard Mobile Learn and Blackboard Mobile Central, two robust online platforms that give learners, educators, and school communities access to all aspects of the educational experience on their mobile devices. Blackboard Mobile Learn extends the experience of the online learning management system, Blackboard Learn, onto mobile devices.  Blackboard Mobile Central is a suite of features in a single mobile application that provides campus life resources and information – like student and faculty directories, news, brick-and-mortar campus maps, dining menus and more – on mobile devices.

If your professional college or university is looking for ways to go mobile, here are my top 5 reasons to choose Blackboard:

1. Develop a secure, user-friendly mobile platform.
Blackboard Mobile Central is more than just a “one size fits all” app. Institutions that leverage this solution are given plenty of room for customization, allowing them to develop modules that reflect their school and the student experience. They can start with the modules we’ve already created and easily add new capabilities to their apps beyond the features we make available “out-of-the-box.”

2.  Help students get to campus and to class on time.
Some professional and career colleges are virtual, while others have traditional brick-and-mortar classrooms. For those students attending your institution on-ground, Blackboard Mobile Central offers digital campus tours, maps, and even augmented reality that uses a smart phone camera and GPS to identity buildings on campus.

3.  Leverage push notifications to keep students informed.
With Blackboard Mobile Learn, students can receive automatic, personalized notifications delivered straight to their mobile devices to help them stay informed. These notifications include new announcements, new graded items, a test being posted, and many other course activities. No more constant checking for midterms being available and grades being posted. Now, course updates go right to the student!

4. Bring your high-tech educational experience to mobile devices.
Today’s professional and career colleges operate in a fast-paced world where technology and the student experience are key. Since your school is already investing in technologies that create the modern classroom experience that students demand, take it to the next level by offering that same high-tech learning experience on mobile devices with Blackboard Mobile Learn.

5. Meet the unique needs of your professional college or university.
Blackboard Mobile offers more than just a user-friendly platform: it allows university staff to boost engagement with students and extend the reach of their university. By providing insight on which students are involved at school and which students need encouragement, your institution can identify what resources students need to succeed while boosting retention in the process.  What’s more, every Blackboard Mobile site can be customized with university branding, so current and prospective students can get a true inside look at your school.

Blackboard Mobile isn’t the only way you can harness mobile technologies for your professional and career college. For example, Blackboard Connect allows colleges and universities to send mass emergency notifications to students and staff to help ensure safety on campus. If you’re interested in learning more about Blackboard’s wide range mobile-enabled solutions, visit our website to learn more about our Mobile features, or check out a case study from schools already leveraging Blackboard Mobile, including Berkeley College.

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