Of course, I’m going to tell you to come to BbWorld 2016. That’s part of my job. And there are many reasons why we at Blackboard would like you there. But this event isn’t about us—it’s about you. And who better to talk about you and your needs than you and your peers?

We asked former BbWorld attendees and veterans to tell it to us straight: What have you really gotten out of past conferences—and what are you looking forward to this year? And we got really great feedback, which I think can be broken down into five distinct benefits. The categories are mine, but the words are yours. Here’s what former attendees had to say about BbWorld…

#1: Share best practices

“The number 1 reason for registering for BbWorld 2016 is that BbWorld is the number 1 place to learn about how to advance teaching and learning through Blackboard, connect with peers and colleagues from around the world to share best practices, and to expand my knowledge in how to best leverage teaching with technology.” – Eric K., Associate Director of eLearning and Emerging Technologies

“We recently upgraded our license to include the Community Engagement Manager, Content Collection and I would like to learn how other institutions are leveraging and benefiting from it.” – Jatin B., System Administrator

I am hoping to gain some new ideas for best practices especially regarding Portfolios, Outcomes Assessment, Enterprise Surveys. These are new to us.” – Corrie B., Instructional Designer

BbWorld has been a great way to see where other institutions are on the ‘Blackboard’ spectrum, providing advice to those who are behind you, and seeking it from those who are ahead. Several of the strides we’ve made with Blackboard (updates, implementation of new tools, etc.) have been based on ideas that were presented at BbWorld.”– Adam A., Instructional Designer

#2: Network with other professionals

“The #1 reason I attend BbWorld is to network with other professionals, not only in my aspect of distance education, but with others in a broad expanse of experience and knowledge.”  – Larry L., Distance Education Specialist

“BbWorld is a place where I can talk to decision makers. Decision makers from Blackboard, school districts and vendors convene in a single location where I can network and make an impact for our district’s next steps.” – Ryan G., Director of Technology

“There are a number of top reasons I will be attending BbWorld: to meet with key stakeholders and executives at Blackboard, meet with my colleagues about Blackboard solutions, present our school system’s strategy and vision, and work with colleagues at the Knowledge Bar.”– Doug C., Associate Director of Academic Technology Services

#3: Develop professional skills and knowledge

I will be looking for sessions on open educational resources (OER), competency-based education, and online student engagement as these are big areas for my college.”– Melissa S., Professor in Computer Science and Information Technology

“I’m interested in learning from the product roadmap sessions, keynotes, and client sessions on the topics of pretention, learning analytics, student engagement, faculty support.” – Eric K., Associate Director of eLearning and Emerging Technologies

“I really want to gain more skills and understanding to be a better instructional designer. I also want to learn more about Blackboard in a deeper way and to network with companies that can provide more educational tools for our institution.” – Megan R., Instructional Designer

#4: Keep abreast of product updates

“I go to BbWorld to keep abreast with new product updates and solutions to help our institution succeed in it’s teaching and learning mission.” – Jatin B., System Administrator

“To learn what is coming and what things already exist that we are not fully taking advantage of.” – Kimarie W.  System Administrator

“I feel like I would be missing important info if I didn’t go.” – Bryan F., System Administrator

Everything I can learn about SaaS, specifically about 1) the roadmap for how the Ultra experience is developing, and 2) how we can migrate to SaaS.”– Mariann H., Instructional Technology Specialist

#5: Have fun

“One of my favorite memories from past BbWorlds are the client appreciation dinner and party.” – Larry L., Distance Education Specialist

“The welcome receptions where I could meet peers and Blackboard people and visit the booths is my most favorite time. BbWorld is like family reunion to me.” – Hengameh V., System Administrator

“My favorite memories at BbWorld are from spending time, after-hours, with colleagues and peers from across the nation.” – Doug C., Associate Director of Academic Technology Services


Join us at BbWorld to learn, connect, and advance the future of education



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