Everyone has something to learn and every agency has requirements for training and professional development. From baby boomers nearing retirement to meeting needs of a new generation of federal employees, education leaders need to align training with the mission and objectives of their agency.

However, most government agencies are at a crossroads. Learning and development remain vital while budgets continue to tighten. This is why more agencies are turning to the cost-effective online learning environment to ensure training mandates are met while saving budget dollars. Not only is it more economical but, when blended with the classroom, online learning is now proving to be more effective than classroom training alone.

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Getting started with an online learning program

Thoughtful planning and organization is the key to ensuring your goals are met. In our ebook entitled Smart Steps to Online Learningyou can learn an eight-step approach to launching a successful online program that will ensure you’ve left no stone unturned. Here is a preview of the first four steps to build your online learning strategy:

1) Create a business plan

Not only do you to understand your rationale for why you need an online program, but you also need to do the math. Once you figure out whether the savings realized in both soft and hard dollars could offset costs, you’ll be ready to build your case.

2) Get leadership commitment

Financial proof points, case studies, and best practices from other government agencies will help you demonstrate the possibilities for your agency. An online initiative is a significant undertaking that only can be accomplished with full support from leadership.

3) Designate a leader

Have one point person. This does not have to be someone who is trained in software, but you do have to have someone who takes ownership.

4) Convene a committee

Be sure to include trainers, technical staff, and program leads. Additionally, be sure you’re getting input from staff and the people that will ultimately benefit from your program and get input from staff. The committee will perform several key functions discussed in the ebook.

Learn additional steps and the full approach by downloading Smart Steps to Online Learning or viewing this infographic which showcases the eight steps to creating a successful online learning strategy:

Infographic of roadmap to online learning for government

Partner with Blackboard

Blackboard’s vast experience creating online educational environments can help you deliver robust web-based delivery that can enhance learning and meet the challenges that government agencies face in the ever changing climate.

Find out more about how Blackboard solutions can help your agency.

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