21 Days of Blackboard Data Online Event


At Blackboard, we’re aware that data is increasingly important to our clients. With questions that span the operational (“which students have yet to access their course?”), tactical (“which of my instructors is using forums most effectively?”) and strategic (“How can I improve student outcomes?”), and stakeholders from the student to institutional leadership, there are myriad use cases across education. 

The Blackboard Data platform is our response to this widespread need, by combining and optimizing activity and usage data across all Blackboard SaaS solutions into a single data set, it will provide a direct access layer and detailed information on the data set to support developers, as well as a reporting interface to deliver insights to key stakeholders. 

The Blackboard Reporting Stack, part of the Blackboard Data platform, will provide activity, usage and impact reporting across the entire Blackboard Teaching and Learning SaaS platform, as well as direct access to the underlying data. To celebrate the developer release of the Blackboard Reporting Stack, which will provide the direct data access layer to Learn SaaS customers, at BbWorld later this month, we are offering an online event that will give participants a sneak peek and hands-on experience of the platform. 

This year, we have built a growing community of Blackboard Data experts; through our Hackboard:Data workshop series, more than 130 individuals and more than 70 institutions have helped shape the developer release, and this series continues with DevCon at BbWorld later this month, followed by TLC ANZ in August. And now we’re taking Hackboard:Data online with the “21 Days of Blackboard Data” online event. 

“21 Days of Blackboard Data” is a self-paced online course that provides experience of the available data models to SQL experts at Blackboard client institutions. Starting July 31, the course will provide one “challenge” per day based on a typical insight that many educational institutions will recognize. Participants will use standard SQL to manipulate a query that answers a common educational business question and use this to answer quiz questions. Each daily challenge is worth points, and there are prizes for participants with the highest overall score. We’ll also be using Blackboard Data to show participants insights on how they have used the course, and as a tie-breaker for the competition. 

We will discuss the developer release and the online event in more detail at BbWorld later this month, so if you’ll be there take a look at the available sessions to plan your agenda, or come and speak to us at the Community Live space. 

Registration for 21 Days of Blackboard Data is now open. For more details about the course, the event terms and to register, please visit http://21days.blackboard.com.