2018 Blackboard Catalyst Awards


Catalyst Awards. The Blackboard Catalyst Awards were created in 2005 to recognize and celebrate those in the Blackboard Community that have demonstrated and achieved exemplary practices with educational programs.

This award program honors those clients who have gone above and beyond in using technology in innovative ways from impacting the student experience, to building exemplary courses. This year we will be recognizing Blackboard clients from around the world across 8 categories.

Why should you submit for the Blackboard Catalyst Award? Here are three reasons why:

#1: Get recognized for your hard work.
You’re proud of the work you do. Submitting for a Catalyst Award will help raise awareness of your efforts to your leadership, educators and students who would most benefit from it.

#2: Personal professional development.
Learning is a life-long endeavor. Boost your own professional development by submitting a nomination and learning if your program stands out among your peers.

#3: Boost your standing in your community
Earning a Catalyst Award speaks volumes to the education industry and your professional expertise. We were all novices once, seeking out experts in our field. Winning a Catalyst Award will distinguish you as someone that others turn to for advice and feedback, someone to consult on your field’s best practices.

The Blackboard Catalyst Awards Program is open to all Blackboard customers. Please visit the Catalyst Awards page on the Blackboard Community site to learn more about the program and review the categories. We are accepting submissions through March 9, 2018. We look forward sharing and celebrating your achievements!