PrintEach year we honor individuals and institutions that are using Blackboard solutions to push the boundaries of their educational programs and technology-driven initiatives to deliver innovative and effective learning experiences. This year is no exception!

The 2014 Blackboard Catalyst Awards are officially open and accepting nominations. This year’s award categories include:

  • Exemplary Course: The Exemplary Course Award recognizes faculty and course designers around the world who develop exciting and innovative courses that represent the very best in technology and learning.
  • Innovation: The Innovation Award recognizes those that think outside the box in areas such as (but not limited to) teaching and learning practices, software development, mobile innovation, cloud innovation, online program management, and more.  The sky is the limit!
  • Staff Development: The Staff Development Award honors those who use Blackboard solutions to support and enhance faculty and professional development skills to provide a better organization-wide learning experience.
  • Student Impact: The Student Impact Award recognizes individuals and/or institutions that successfully increased levels of student engagement or retention through new academic, student support, or administrative strategies.

Will you be the next recipient? You won’t know unless you submit!

For information on the Catalyst Awards categories, please visit

Awards Ceremony

Blackboard CEO Jay Bhatt with last year’s Catalyst Awards winners; from front left to right: Takako Shigehisa, Northern Virginia Community College; Marjorie Shavers, Morehead State University; Jay Bhatt, Blackboard; Cheryl Kautz, Muskegon Community College and Grand Rapids Community College; Sandra Bennett, Wilmington University

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