Our team here at Blackboard is more social than ever, and they’re going to be tweeting up a storm at #BbWorld15. We know you already follow @Blackboard and our CEO @JayBhattTweets for our biggest announcements, but the behind-the-scenes access is the best (and most fun) part of social media. Here are a handful of the top members of Team Blackboard to follow to stay in the know about the latest trends in edtech and what we’re releasing at BbWorld.


JoAnna Hunt


JoAnna is our accessibility manager here at Blackboard who tweets about all things design, UX, and making our products a delightful experience for all users.


Terrianne Sousa


Terianne is our in-house student retention expert. Terianne has been working in education since 1996 and has a special expertise in advising, retaining and graduating students.


Stephanie Weeks


Stephanie leads the charge in making our K-12 products and solutions the best in the market. She also happens to be super savvy about all things edtech, design, and rock climbing.


Chris Merrick


Follow Chris for snapshots of what our international customers are doing in their institutions around the globe and for the Bb International slant on the news from BbWorld. Caution is advised: it’s cricket season in London, so you may need to skip past the tweets on the world’s greatest sport.


Vivek Ramgopal


Word on the street is that Vivek has the insider info on all the BbWorld social events, swag, and FitBit challenges. He also is the first to know about our new products and has access to behind the scenes info like none other.


Jim Till


Jim’s passion for K-12 comes through in everything he does, including tweeting. He’s especially interested in the role of technology in school-to-home communications and driving student success in the classroom. Around the water cooler we call him “Jim #edtech Till.”


David Palmer


David Palmer is your go-to-guy for all things military and government eLearning.  He’s a pro-Periscoper too, so tune in to his channel for live broadcasts from our professional education track.


Misty Cobb


Misty has an EdD, an MBA, three kids, a passion for career tech teaching, and is on the docket for several session at #BbWorld15. One might ask, “what can’t she do?” We dare you to find out, because we think she’s pretty unstoppable.


Katie Blot


Katie has a knack for keeping her finger on the pulse of what’s about to pop in education. From policy to trends, and student perspectives to leadership decisions—Katie’s insights are spot on…and she’s not afraid to articulate the uncomfortable.


Greg Newman


A self proclaimed training and development enthusiast, Greg can also chat you up about running, Chicago, Northwestern, and generally being awesome. Follow Greg for live updates on what’s happening in our professional education program for corporations.


Mark Strassman


Every year at BbWorld, Mark hops on the main stage and shares what we’ve been working on. Follow him year-round to be the first-to-know about what his team is designing, creating, and innovating.


Katie Gallagher


Katie is the best advocate in the room for our K-12 customers (and her 4 kids). Follow Katie for snapshots of our K-12 community’s success stories and tidbits about how they’re changing education, one student at a time.


Scott Hurrey


Scott’s favorite words are technical, geeky, and developer. Sound like you? Then you’re in for a treat. You’ll find Scott at DevCon and our roadmap sessions answering your questions about integrations, APIs, and upgrades.


Deb Everhart


Deb Everhart brings decades of teaching experience to her role at Blackboard. She actually still teaches classes at Georgetown, in between participating in just about every higher education event you can think of. Deb’s special areas of expertise include competency-based education, badging, the role of the student voice, and how analytics is changing education today. 


Steve Ostler


Better known as Steveo, you won’t meet another tweeter more passionate about connecting the dots in K-12 communities. Stay tuned to his Twitter feed for live updates on what our K-12 community is doing to keep parents and teachers connected, and the play-by-play of FIFA soccer matches.



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