Last week, we were fortunate to have Dr. Torria Bond, a leader in Instructional Design for California Baptist University, an instructor in the CourseSites MOOC, and last year’s Exemplary Course Winner, as our special guest for a half hour live Tweet Chat.  Many of you joined the conversation through the #MOOCchat hashtag, but in case you missed it, here are the highlights:

Q1.  How has the #ActiveLearner (today’s student) changed course design?

A1. Distance learning has a long history from bible correspondence courses through mail. #moocchat

A1. Today’s @activelearner wants to be as engaged online as they would be F2F. #moocchat

Q2.  What professional development can you recommend for creating dynamic courses?

A2. Follow leaders and organizations on twitter #sloanc #coursesites #c4lpt @tjoosten @brocansky @rayjimenes #moocchat

A2. Technology is changing rapidly. Sharing what we know is the best way to support each other. #moocchat

Q3. What are some quick ways to better improve a course?

A3. First and foremost, CONTENT IS KING! Make sure your course is academically sound. #moocchat

A3. Become proficient in the LMS/CMS you are using. #moocchat

Q4.  What’s next for instructional design? Any upcoming trends?

A4. Social Learning is a current buzzword in online learning #moocchat

A4. Just enough, Just in time, Just for me #moocchat

You can follow the entire TweetChat on best practices in instructional design here.

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