When our clients asked for expanded language translation features, we listened. We recently released the latest version of Blackboard Connect Release 4.2 with upgrades and feature enhancements, and expanded language translation functionality. Now, users can translate voice scripts and e-mails into a wider range of foreign languages.

What exactly does this mean? For starters, where users previously could only save a translated script, now both the translated script and the original English version can be saved. We’ve also expanded the language selections for voice scripts (now available for 10 languages) and text-to-speech messages (now with 17 languages to choose from). Additionally, users can choose a text-to-speech option to translate, which then automatically reads the voice messages. Finally, voice scripts and e-mails can be translated with just one click.

With Release 4.2 for Blackboard Connect, Blackboard mass notification solutions supports 30 different languages, including Spanish, French, Russian, Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, Cambodian, among many others. And with Blackboard Connect for Teachers, educators can send student-specific messages to parents in 22 languages. The expanded translation functions include more languages, many which better reflect today’s immigration trends, allowing schools to reach a wider range of students, parents, teachers, staff and residents.

Additionally, we’ve added a text-to-speech playback feature so users can listen to a generated message before sending it out.

Enhanced functionality and expanded capabilities serve as another reason why district, campus and local government leaders rely on Blackboard mass notification systems when it matters most.

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