The birth of the smartphone, with easily accessible and convenience-enhancing applications, has had a profound effect on how we use and interact with our mobile phones. Recently, Nielsen published its quarterly Report on Social Media, finding that nearly 40 percent of social media users access content from their mobile phone. Nearly half of the Nielsen survey participants reported to have social networking features on their phone, thus demonstrating how the rise of smartphones has affected communication consumption habits.

For universities and colleges, the presence of cell phones on campus has become almost ubiquitous, with the use of smartphones becoming increasingly prevalent. In the recent ECAR survey of undergraduates, 55 percent own a smartphone, and 37 percent have used a smartphone in academics. Many academic leaders are utilizing mobile solutions, in conjunction with mass notification, to better engage and stay connected with their active and mobile student populations. To learn how you can use mobile applications and mass notification to enhance the educational experience on your campus, check out our Campus Life on the Go data sheet.

At Blackboard Connect, we spend a lot of time researching communication trends and habits to learn more about how people consume information. Having a pulse on the latest findings helps us when discussing the many daily challenges currently facing educators and administrators.   We want to know what you think – in the comments, let us know your favorite sources of information about the world of social media and mobile.

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