The turkey is in the oven, the mashed potatoes are on the table and the cranberry dressing is flowing – it can only mean one thing: it’s time for Thanksgiving.

Whether you’re a parent of an active learner, an instructor or happen to be one yourself – it’s clear that this year we’ve got a lot to be thankful for in the education revolution. Need some reminding?

Active Learners are Pushing Us to the Next Level – and That’s a Good Thing!
As technology continues to become integrated into our classrooms in fresh and exciting ways, it’s our students pushing us to find new ways to use technology to teach them. Active learners are inclined to seek out and thrive in learning environments that support interactivity, social engagement, and collaboration, and in an always-on, on-demand format.  And we’re thankful for the opportunity to support this growth.

Administrators are Empowered to Innovate and Improve Schools.

In order to fulfill the educational needs of the active learner, schools must adapt. Luckily, this year we saw a lot of great data sets that clearly show the advantages of integrating technology and catering to the active learner.  And it’s this data that helps drive decisions with Administrators, Faculty, System Administrators, and others.  While adoption may be a slow process, we’re thankful that we’re heading in the right direction.

The Top Myths of Social Learning Have Been BUSTED!
We took a deep dive into the four most commonly held myths of social learning and brought out the truth! That’s right, we are thankful to know and share the truth about social learning, so that we can help even more schools implement the best of “learning in numbers.”


So as we prepare to settle down and reflect – let’s take some time to remember the important role that active learners play in education.  We hope you’ll use this holiday to mentally prepare to come back and continue efforts to innovate our education systems so that they can better accommodate the needs of our active learners.

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