Blackboard’s successful partnership with has led us to think more about the social enterprise concept.  The social enterprise not only represents the new and meaningful ways that your organization can connect with both customers and employees, but can also serve as a model for social learning within your company. Below is our visualization of the ways in which you can apply the social enterprise model to enhance social learning within your organization:

Here are some key highlights for our social learning management model:

•       Weaving a social context into your business applications is quickly becoming a prerequisite for success. End-users expect business applications to help them do their work the same way tools like Facebook, Twitter, and the iPad let them connect to the people, data, and information that’s critical to them- anytime, anywhere.

•       By creating customer social networks and even product social networks, your employees will be able to have more authentic engagement and feedback from your clients.  As a result, workplace learning will grow with your employees as they follow, share, and contribute to knowledge sources that are most relevant to them through the social enterprise.

•       Part of core message of social learning is that this is the future of peer-to-peer engagement.  Ask your employees how they can extend their social enterprise to participate in continuous learning, and also increase the visibility and impact of your company online.

•       Since everyone in your company’s social enterprise will be able to follow one another in real-time, your employees will be able to share best practices as they learn and adapt on the ground, which will increase the relevance and effectiveness of workplace training. What tools can you use to build a social enterprise in your corporation or within your sales team?  Look no further than Blackboard Learn for Sales, which integrates the learning management tools of Blackboard with the sales and social power of Salesforce.  It’s the ideal combination of social, sales, and training, giving your company a competitive edge for success!

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