Both Steven Johnson and Sir Ken Robinson conducted engaging, entertaining and thoughtful opening and closing BbWorld keynotes that were incredibly well-received by attendees. They inspired us all to think creatively about the impact each of us can make on the educational experience. If you made it to BbWorld, or not, these presentations are well-worth the time it takes to view them. Check them out on here.

Steven Johnson successfully kicked off the week with a great discussion on “Where Good Ideas Come From” – a relevant theme to the work that was done in Vegas. His passion for fostering creativity through unlikely environments and situations challenged us all to reassess the work we do on a daily basis and how we engage with others.

Sir Ken Robinson brought the house down with his candor and humor in discussing the “Learning Revolution.” It seemed as if every head in the room was nodding when he said, “tools are only really capable of great creative work if there are creative minds using them.” His emphasis on more personalized learning environments showcased how education can support – not stifle – creativity in everyone.

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