Today is National Child Health Day, a time to build awareness and encourage people across America to work together in preventing problems and improving childhood health. It’s also a timely reminder to those who care for children to take the necessary precautions in preventing serious illnesses.  Flu season is around the corner, and as last year’s H1N1 outbreak demonstrated, it’s important to be vigilant. Additionally, the whooping cough outbreak in California has become so severe that it was recently declared an epidemic. As reported cases spread across the California border, the importance of childhood and routine vaccinations is great.

Schools play a vital role in ensuring child health and safety, and administrators and educators are increasingly looked upon to share vital communication and instruction in light of a public health outbreak. We often receive requests from users for assistance and sample scripts in crafting effective messages to provide their community with information and updates concerning public health. We’ve teamed up with the California Department of Public Health to help share information about the pertussis epidemic. Pre-recorded messages by Dr. Mark Horton, Director of CDPH, detailing safety and vaccine information  are  available for disseminating among communities – 

Download Message from Dr. Horton

Whether you live in California or elsewhere, Blackboard has communication tools to help you defend against influenza. If you need help communicating with your district, contact your Blackboard Connect or AlertNow client care representative today.

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