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After months of hard work (and a handful of all-nighters) we are very happy to announce that our brand-new, freshly redesigned iPad campus life app is now available to build in Mosaic.

We know that the use cases for tablets and smartphones vary – so we didn’t just take the same small-format UI and blow it up to fit the iPad. Instead, we thought long and hard about the types of data that academic institutions are trying to deliver—and ultimately what they are trying to accomplish—with a mobile app.

Through our research and experience, we know that schools release mobile apps to improve engagement with all types of students, increase utilization of–and access to–systems and resources, and enhance the institution’s brand. However, as the market matures and users become savvier, simply being able to access data such as maps, course catalogs, athletics/event info, and news feeds is not enough to accomplish those goals. Whether they know it or not, users expect a visually attractive, easy-to-use, bug-free interface for accessing this data, something that will keep them coming back to this app every day.

This insight has been distilled into a UI centered on exploration and discovery, lowering the barrier to access new content — ultimately aiming to organically increase the end user’s interaction and engagement.

Why should a user find photo streams in one area of the application, and then video playlists in another? What makes news about your favorite sports teams so different than articles about technological innovation on campus? These types of multimedia content should be consumed together, so we built a Digest feed that aggregates and organizes all of this content based on the time it was published to keep users excited and engaged.

This blending of data not only creates a more personalized experience for end users, it makes the discovery of new information much easier, which ultimately delivers a more holistic view of what universities have to offer.

In addition to providing unique, native support for a highly demanded platform, this launch epitomizes our team’s attention to providing a delightful experience to all users. The iPad app is centered on three primary elements:

Relevance – Delivering timely and diverse and accessible content through the Digest

photo copy 2Discovery – Of new multimedia content, places, events or people

photo 2


Beauty and ease of use – Seamlessly integrated content and playful navigation encourages users to spend more time in the campus life app and to keep coming back

photo copy

photo 1

We are so proud to release this new platform, and we can’t wait to see how institutions start building their unique iPad experience.

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