Lbutton_1 Lance Button is a long time member of the Blackboard Commerce Suite Team.  We don’t cross paths too often mainly because I travel about 30% of the time and he is based in Florida but when we do he is a font of all sorts of information.  I thought you might like to get to know Lance.  This is the photo he wears on his Blackboard ID badge.

Jan Poston Day:  What do you do at Blackboard?
Lance Button:
  I am the Sales Manager for existing Transaction Systems customers in the East.  I support the Regional Account Executives (RAEs) and assist with complex expansion projects.  I work with customers that are having difficulties with some aspect of their implementation.  I work on anything that the RAEs may need to better serve the customer such as specific reports, communication campaigns and conference support.

JPD:  Where are you based? 
  I work from my home office in Tallahassee, FL.  I have worked out of both the Phoenix and DC offices in the past.

JPD:  How long have you been at Blackboard?
  7 years

JPD:  Lance, I understand that you won’t be able to attend Bb World 2006.   What are you sorry to be missing at this year’s conference?
  I will definitely miss meeting with all of the clients at BbWorld.  It is great to see so many clients enjoying themselves and at the same time thinking about how Bb and the innovations of their peers can help improve the education experience on their campus.

JPD:  What kinds of changes have you seen taking place in Education?
  I have been impressed by how students assimilate all kinds of technology into their education and how quickly new technology becomes routine.  Clever new applications seem to be taken in stride as if this new technology was obviously headed that way and why hasn’t the next technological leap been made already? 

Students expect technology to make their lives easier and it is tough to surprise them with innovations.  This is all the more reason to band together as a group dedicated to meeting the lofty expectations that students have, we need to help each other or risk falling behind and disappointing our end users.

JPD:  Who was your favorite teacher growing up and why?
  I didn’t really have a favorite teacher until I was in college.  Professor Nietmann was my Philosophy professor and I was fascinated by how he was able to help the student see the thinking of a given philosopher and why they came to certain conclusions.  I would think to myself this is obviously the truth!  Then the next week Professor Nietmann would turn around and show how a different philosopher could go in a completely different direction and it seemed like that was now the obvious truth.  His classes opened my mind in many different ways.

JPD:  Tell us something about yourself that someone might not know from simply reading your resume or professional bio?
  I am married and have 3 children ages 14, 12, and 10.  They were each born in different states, AZ, CO, NJ and we are all looking forward to settling down in FL. 

We are currently living in a small apartment with our big yellow Lab and we are in the process of building a house in a great neighborhood where many of our friends will be living.  The neighborhood is a new development in Tallahassee and I am on the home owners committee for maintenance so I get to drive a tractor around on the weekends cutting the grass and moving dirt.  I really love getting out and driving that tractor on the weekends after spending so much time in the office.

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