Over the past several weeks, we announced some very exciting themes for BbWorld 2012: Social Learning, Technology Adoption and Digital Content. We have two themes to announce yet – one of them I am happy to share with you today!

We are thrilled to announce Marco Torres, a Media Coach and Education Technology Director at San Fernando High School, as our Feature Session Presenter on “Mobility” at BbWorld. He will show us how being connected everywhere and anywhere impacts learning and increases student success. We all know that an on-the-go classroom is a national (and global) priority.

So Marco Torres will share examples of what basic learning looks like and how you can use it in a more media rich environment. Marco’s Feature Session on” Learning Vs. Schooling: The Epic Match” will get your wheels spinning on how to use all of the technology that is available to educators today. Let’s face it, we live in a time where most of us – especially students – rely on the devices in our pockets to teach us what we don’t know. But what does this mean for teaching and learning? Join us at BbWorld and attend Marco Torres’ session to explore the impact of mobile learning on student success!

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