Google Image Result for http___www.patentlyo.com_patentlawpic1034.jpg If your organization is considering introducing online tools to your corporate education program, or significantly expanding an existing online learning program, it’s very likely that you – or whomever is advocating for the program – will have to produce a business case to explain why.

Decision makers need a business case to help them understand the reasons behind the recommendation, what the alternatives are, and the proposed program’s return on investment. These factors will form the foundation of the decision, whether the program is approved or denied.

A recent article in Learning Solutions Magazine offers excellent details on how you can create a great business case, but we thought we’d add our own experiences and insights.

Align the program’s goals with the company’s business goals.

The reason for any corporate education program is to help ensure the business is successful, so be sure to explain your recommendations in those terms. That will help leadership understand the value of the online learning solution proposal.  (For more on this concept, see our recent posting – Impact on Business: A Better Corporate Learning Metric.)

Think through objections and address them.

Don’t wait until later to bat down objections – do it right away. Giving people the opportunity to share concerns gives you the opportunity to address them. One of the most common questions is, “Does online learning really work?”  The answer is yes!  Take a look at some of our corporate learning case studies for support!

Include realistic metrics.

Be sure to include your expectation of the outcomes, explain how long it will take to implement the new program, what the Impact On Business™ will be, and how you will monitor implementation and measure results.

A well thought out business case can help to ensure not only that a program is approved, but that it has top-down support and a good foundation for SUCCESS.

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