Earlier this week I gave you some color on our new Learning Solutions for higher education institutions. Today, I’d like to share what we are doing for K-12 schools.

While we are primarily known as a higher education provider, we actually partner with about 1/3 of the U.S. school districts in the country. We used these last few months to listen carefully to the thousands of educators we work with daily to get a better sense of their frustrations. We also wanted to determine how we can power a learning environment for them that easily integrates technology into their academic programs with a clear understanding of which of our products they need to help meet challenges.

During this time, we learned a lot about K-12 priorities. In particular, we heard a lot about Common Core State Standards. In fact, getting ready for Common Core came across as the #1 priority for teachers right now, ahead of college readiness and evaluating teaching effectiveness.

We also heard that schools are still struggling with how to communicate with their larger communities and truly use edtech effectively. Many are on the path to increase their technology usage, but most are unaware of how or what to deploy. Finally, we heard that districts want a partner that can blend the right technologies, resources and services to meet their unique goals…regardless of their LMS.

With insights like that, our K-12 learning solutions are directly tied to the real-world problems that K-12 schools are facing. They include:

  • Common Core: This solution ties learning management to a content repository that maps to standards, including teacher-built curricula and online assessments. Here, teachers can manage content, track student progress against standards, and receive professional development using the same tools they’re using in class.
  • Innovative Classroom: This solution puts together our world-class LMS with synchronous learning tools that easily facilitate online instruction. Equipped with training and consulting expertise, this solution helps ensure schools are making the most out of digital learning.
  • Open Learning and Collaboration: There are certain schools where Moodle and other open source platforms are simply the preferred choice. We wanted to create a solution that helps these schools build and grow successful online programs. This solution simplifies and enhances the basic Moodle LMS and adds synchronous learning tools and a content library into the mix.
  • Parent Engagement: This solution offers a unified communication strategy that includes our mass notification service, school website platform and custom mobile apps that allow parents to engage with districts as often as they would like.

These solutions are already being used in districts Mooresville Graded School District and Sarasota County Public Schools and the feedback we have received has been great. Stay tuned for more creative solutions we have brewing. You should expect to see much more very soon.

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