In the Blackboard K-12 group, we’ve noticed a growing trend: teachers are using Blackboard solutions as an instructional tool to positively impact curriculum planning and student engagement in and out of the classroom. As we plan for BbWorld ’09, we want to support our client institutions to continue on the path of providing 21st century learning experiences that are both personalized and connected.

To do that, we have created a K-12 specific program with sessions that offer extensive insight on K-12 course design and curriculum management straight from clients who have found ways to take full advantage of Blackboard solutions to increase student achievement. Some of those sessions include:

  • Assessment For Learning, Not of Learning: Creating Integrated Instructional Tools for Teachers
  • Constructing Quality Blackboard Online Learning Environments: A Teacher Integrative Design Approach
  • It's Elementary! A "Primary" Focus on the Use of Blackboard
  • Putting the Pieces Together: Using Blackboard Academic Suite (Blackboard Learn) to Organize Digital Content in a K-12 School Environment

We encourage current BbWorld registrants to invite a colleague focused on curriculum/instruction to attend this year’s event with them. If you want to learn more about this opportunity, please contact me at

Also, to get a taste of BbWorld right from your desk, check out Best of BbWorld webinar series. These recorded sessions feature the highest rated or most attended K-12 sessions from BbWorld ’08. For information on which sessions may make the Best of BbWorld schedule this fall, check out the 2009 K-12 BbWorld program.

See you in Washington DC!

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