Around the country, we see schools and districts planning to take on incredible challenges—from providing safe and secure learning environments to increasing parent and community engagement, to personalizing learning outcomes in and beyond the classroom. And doing so in a way that is operationally responsible and manageable by the district.

When we set out to help support an experience like this, we focused on the learners and how their environment, their support network, and their learning context can enable them to achieve their full potentialit’s a partnership with institutions, parents, teachers, and learners.

Today is a big day for us. About a year ago, Blackboard, Parentlink, and Schoolwires became a family. Every quarter since we’ve been sharing insights and gathering feedback about what we are doing at Blackboard for the K-12 community. With the leadership, talent, and products in place, we are delivering upon our promise to deliver a New Learning Experience, and to do it in a way that is distinctly K-12.  

When I stood on the stage at BbWorld 2015, I told you about unique K-12 solutions that were available immediately. I also said we weren’t done—that we had some incredible work in mind to bring you innovations that the K-12 community can only get from Blackboard. Today, we are sharing the significant progress already delivered on those goals, and a new way to describe how all of these technologies, workflows, integrations, and professional services come together to help schools and districts achieve your goals, focused on a continuous improvement in student outcomes.

Introducing the Blackboard K-12 New Learning Experience Platform: many of the products you know and love only more deeply connected to one another through smart workflows, more integrations with your other district technologies through great partnerships and data connections, and more deeply rooted in best practice through world-class client services.

Diagram of solutions, technologies, integrations and services for Blackboard Safety & Security, Blackboard Community Engagement, and Blackboard Personalized Learning
Learn more about the K-12 New Learning Experience Platform and its components.

Blackboard Safety & Security

Blackboard Safety & Security opens lines of communication to provide a network of trust and safety for the district and its families. We combine our mass notification and social media management capabilities to provide the broadest opportunity for addressing and listening to your community. Districts like Fort Osage School District and Parkway School District partner with us for these types of critical communications.

“I have always been impressed with Blackboard’s responsiveness and laser focus on the customer’s needs. The New Learning Experience takes this to the next level and further demonstrates that Blackboard not only understands, but provides solutions for, today’s K-12 communications challenges.” – Paul Tandy, APR, Chief Communications Officer, Parkway School District

What’s different? More conversation may be happening on social media than in your school hallways. Understanding that conversation helps to keep you informed and guiding the dialogue.

Blackboard Community Engagement

Blackboard Community Engagement extends beyond those basic communications to better connect community members with the district-branded website and native mobile app. This combination of capabilities with a single point of management delivers more effective and efficient communications that support your strategic objectives. The benefits are significant and measurable—Highline Public Schools, Wentzille School District and others see significant return when they fully engage with their community.

Blackboard does a phenomenal job of integrating multiple communication tools in one place to facilitate prompt and effective communication. We are very excited about the launch of Blackboard’s New Learning Experience and what it means for K-12 engagement.” – Mary LaPak, Community Relations Director, Wentzville School District

What’s different? A single source of communication! We call it ‘Create Once, Publish Everywhere.’ It keeps you in control of the message even during unexpected emergencies. Guide your community with instant updates on websites, mobile apps, outdoor signs, social media, and more.

Involve parents with information they want most including student assignments and grades, class schedules, transportation, meal information, online payments and much more—all on your customized district website or app and just the way parents want to stay in the know. Informed parents and an engaged community are the foundation of improved student outcomes, and the K-12 New Learning Experience brings all of the right information together in a single, beautifully designed experience.

Blackboard Personalized Learning

Blackboard Personalized Learning allows a district to equip teachers with personalized, competency-based learning tools for every student. Our Personalized Learning Solution provides an innovative, easy to use, comprehensive foundation for competency-based and personalized teaching and learning to power digital transformation that can grow with your district as your digital learning needs evolve. Districts like Lawrence Public Schools and Mooresville Graded School District experience incredible momentum when teachers join each other to progress around professional development and enhancing the classroom experience.

“The Blackboard K-12 New Learning Experience Platform provides MGSD students, teachers, and parents easy access to information and resources to meet the needs of every student.” – Dr. Scott Smith, Chief Technology Officer, Mooresville Graded School District

What’s different? Get access to over 100,000 open educational resources at your fingertips, right within the course workflow; leverage the incredible experiences of learning on-the-go as a student or in professional development as a teacher. Use our Bb Student mobile app, for both live and asynchronous learning. Integrate all the SIS data you need, and choose from hundreds of learning extensions or any LTI tool to deliver the online or classroom learning experience you need.


The K-12 New Learning Experience Platform is designed to grow with your district. You can begin with a single solution or introduce the complete set of platform capabilities district-wide. The NLE Platform is already proven and successfully serving the needs of both large and small districts. I love seeing how schools and districts across the country are benefiting from these solutions as they approach their challenges head-on!

Districts are simplifying the teaching and learning experience for students, teachers, parents and administrators with integrated workflows, a robust partner community, and a dedicated focus on educating the learner that only Blackboard can provide.

Like Moorseville, Lawrence, Parkway and others, we’re just getting started. The K-12 New Learning Experience Platform will continue to evolve with more innovations and a growing community committed to improving outcomes for each and every student.

We can’t wait to see what you make possible when you apply it at your district!

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