Our friends over at the ReadWriteCloud channel on ReadWriteWeb.com recently shared an interesting infographic created by Socialcast that displays how digital technologies have influenced the history of collaboration in the workplace. Beginning with a Darwinian quote about the need for humans to engage (that makes me want to search for @CharlesDarwin on Twitter), the infographic then explores three key areas:  the growth of collaboration, the types of workers in the U.S. workforce, and the definition of a good worker.

Take a look at the visual data below to see the progression or click here for a larger version.  Then, read my thoughts after the jump.
From email to iPhone apps, technology has transformed the way we as humans communicate; thereby, impacting the way that we collaborate with our coworkers. These new tools not only require that individuals transition to new styles of completing their work, but they also call for organizations to buy in to this new way of working together. The above graphic notes that for the enterprise, more people are engaging with one another through socially-geared technologies.

For Blackboard, asynchronous collaboration is a central pillar in our methodology. Our boundary-breaking online technologies enable students, teachers, and professionals to collaborate whenever and wherever they like.  A great fit for the evolution of workplace collaboration!

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