The Government 2.0 movement is alive and well in Washington, DC, and beyond.  People see the tremendous value of moving government online for efficiency, agility, collaboration, and more, and are increasingly demanding it of local, state, and federal governing bodies. Something you may not have realized is that Blackboard is playing an integral role in this movement.  We offer an online system for training and professional development (Blackboard Learn) AND a rapid communication system to reach the public during an urgent situation (Blackboard Connect).

Both of these technologies serve the larger Gov 2.0 purpose, enabling government to improve their impact through training and communication. Let me share a case study to show you what I mean… The VA Mid-Atlantic Health Care Network, which serves veterans in an 8,500-square mile operational area across North Carolina, Virginia, and parts of West Virginia, wanted to implement a strategy for developing potential leaders. To reach this goal, they wanted to help Network team members improve several core competencies, such as technical skills and creative thinking.  That’s where Blackboard comes in.  We provided an interactive learning system resulting in the successful cultivation of future leaders in a consistent, immediate, cost-saving format. The result?  Effective, efficient, and compassionate care for the veterans that the staff so proudly serves.  Read the full case study here.

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