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I want to share with you something that I think will be of great benefit.  At Blackboard, we know this can be a challenging time of year, to say the least—maintenance, testing, upgrades, etc.—and naturally this can be very stressful.  Well, we’ve created a wiki site for you that hopefully will make whatever activities you’re endeavoring upon as seamless as possible.


We call this our ‘Back to School’ initiative, and the wiki site associated with this effort is designed to address the issues you are currently facing.  We have all kinds of wonderful information housed there and I hope you’ll have a look at this great resource.


The ‘Back to School’ wiki is comprised of three main areas:


The Helpful Hints Area

  • Useful areas located on the Wiki Knowledgebase
  • Useful areas located on Behind the Blackboard™
  • Academic Suite Reference Center (Higher Ed & K-12)
  • Consolidated information for Blackboard Managed Hosting™ and Services

For System Administrators Area

  • The Maintenance Center
  • Upgrading content
  • Information on Release 9
  • Information on Release 8
  • System Performance documentation
  • System Maintenance documentation

The Info to Share Area

  • The Faculty Support Resource Center
  • Support information for faculty, instructors & designers
  • Support for students

This is a wiki page that is accessible all day, everyday, all year long.  I encourage you to take advantage of the resources here whenever you like.  The ‘Back to School’ program and the information housed on the ‘Back to School’ wiki, especially, are available at all times, not just during the busy times.


If you have any suggestions for how to improve this wiki so that it provides you with the content that you want to see please let us know. You can send emails to Likewise, if you have any documentation that you think would be of value –checklists, best or effective practices, etc- send them along as well and we’ll get them posted on to the ‘Back to School’ wiki immediately.


Best wishes for success with all of your endeavors in the coming months.

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