With many still without power, last weekend’s unseasonable nor’easter serves as a timely warning of what is likely to come in the next few months. This particular storm was especially damaging due to its unseasonable occurrence, where the quick accumulation of snow on mostly leaf-covered trees had branches and limbs bending and collapsing under the extreme weight, hitting power lines and blocking roads. Over the course of the storm and the ensuing aftermath, administrators, educators and local leaders turned to Blackboard Connect, sending nearly 5.4 million messages with updates detailing class cancellations, road closures and local recovery efforts.

Now is the perfect time to review your communication and preparedness plans in the event of extreme winter weather.From tornadoes to hurricanes to earthquakes and everything in between, this year has seen its fair share of unexpected weather and natural disaster. We have put together a series of Playbooks to help you prepare and develop response plans for urgent events, covering weather-related topics like Extreme Winter Weather. As Mother Nature continues to reign supreme, having a reliable method for sending out important information quickly can help officials ensure the safety within their schools, on their campus or in their community.

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