Many people recognize Blackboard for our ability to provide blended learning solutions and supplement the traditional classroom setting through online technologies; however, today, I want to think about the person in the learner’s seat. What is their perspective? What methods are most effective for corporations training these people to be better employees, specialists in their field, and successful professionals? While cutting-edge technologies are certainly important, they are neither the best nor the only solution when it comes to ongoing education.

We must recognize that technology may only be one piece of the puzzle. And solving the puzzle begins with putting a plan or process in place before any technology is implemented. It’s essential to keep in mind that the way employees absorb information differs from person to person and that technology can be quite valuable in accommodating these differences.  Understanding those differences is only the beginning of a successful corporate training strategy. By looking at learning from the trainee’s perspective, a corporation may quickly identify multiple ways that their employees prefer to take in new material. Here are a few examples of how your employees might prefer to learn:

  • Interactive – face-to-face instruction/group collaboration
  • Visual – reading materials (whether online or in print)
  • Auditory – lectures or listening to podcasts online
  • Hands-on – self-teaching through online courses

Blackboard for Corporations understands the dynamics of corporate training. That’s why we offer organizations various avenues to help employees reach their learning goals.  Regardless of the learner’s preferred method, we know that you need more than a “one size fits all” approach.   Now, that’s true blended learning!

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