How do you define success?

Companies can measure success by revenue or market share, by developing leading-edge products or by reputation, accolades or awards. At Blackboard Connect, we think all of those things are important – but there’s another metric we think matters equally: delivering a high level of client satisfaction. That’s why we commission an annual survey of client satisfaction . Conducted by the respected education survey firm Gomez Research, the results have shown a consistently high level of satisfaction:  ninety-five percent or more in each of the past three years.

We are humbled and encouraged by the feedback we receive from our clients. Their perspective often helps us determine the direction of our product roadmap.

In fact, many of the enhancements in Blackboard Connect™ 5 came as a result of the client survey, client focus groups, and even one-on-one conversations with clients. Users asked for an easier interface, so we streamlined the message workflow. Clients were looking for an online message hub, so we created the Connect Access Portal where recipients can review messages, update contact information and subscribe to the content that is relevant to them. With more emphasis on data-driven decision-making, we expanded Blackboard Connect’s survey feature and added real-time message reports and SMS delivery to the mobile handset.

Incorporating your input seems to be paying off – Blackboard Connect 5 is serving over 3 million recipients and receiving industry awards in the six months since its release. And we’ll continue to deliver on client feedback as we will be unveiling additional features to Blackboard Connect throughout the year. If you are interested in learning more about Blackboard Connect 5, visit the website or sign up for a demonstrational webinar.

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