In case you haven’t heard, Jared Slayton is now the proud owner of his very own pink unicorn.

Blackboard’s annual education conference, BbWorld, drew record numbers in 2012 (over 3,500 participants!) Jared, LMS Admin and Help Desk Manager of Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor, MI was one of those attendees, and one who participated in the BbWorld scavenger hunt. (No, a pink unicorn was NOT on the list. Stay with me…) Jared became the grand prize winner  through his immaculate scavenger hunt skills. When @blackboard tweeted congratulations to the winners, they forgot one… Jared. And Jared, we learned, is not one to take such an oversight lying down.
He tweeted this:
We tweeted back:
Clearly Jared knows how to play the game—multiple games, actually:
Social Blackboarders Stephanie Carrillo and Andi Perelman, neither of whom has unicorn wrangling experience, nonetheless decided to take action. It was a scavenger hunt again—and this time, a pink pony was the ONLY item on the list.

At Urban Outfitters, they found their quarry…almost. But anyone who likes ponies almost certainly likes unicorns, too. Unicorns are basically ponies 2.0.
Stephanie and Andi mailed Jared a care package, including both items he asked for. Well, first they had me brand the unicorn (pun intended):
After receiving it, Jared, still playing the game, sent us this video:
Competition is a healthy part of education. We at Blackboard learned to be more careful when congratulating and Jared learned that sometimes, you DO get what you ask for…
Jared sent a closing tweet saying he’s already looking forward to BbWorld 2013, and knowing it’s in Las Vegas, he attached this:
Yes, those cards were in the care package, too.

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