When we think about schools we think of red schoolhouses with bell towers, shiny apples, and of course, friendly yellow school buses. Each day thousands of school buses transport millions of students to and from school, but what we don’t see is the months of preparation and planning that go into making sure that each bus route is safe, efficient, and covers the entire boundaries of the school district.  While some school districts continue to do this planning by hand, many school districts are turning to solutions like BusBoss to simplify the planning process from start to finish.

BusBoss doesn’t stop at creating and editing bus routes and stops. This powerful system takes full advantage of GPS and GIS technology to monitor bus routes, stay on top of address changes, avoid sex-offender and threat zones, and even provide data that can simplify your state transportation reporting.

Communication is also an important part of transportation planning, and in light of this we are excited to announce the partnership between BusBoss and Blackboard, to leverage the power of mobile apps and notification services to make your transportation planning and execution even easier. Through this partnership, Blackboard ParentLink mobile app users can now access transportation information directly on their mobile phones. Not sure what time your bus comes, and how to get to the right stop? Simply open your district’s mobile app.

In addition, Blackboard Connect users can tap into their BusBoss transportation data to automatically create message groups for buses and routes that can be reached by phone, email, and text-message. Now when a bus gets delayed you can easily contact the families of all the impacted students and provide them with timely updates. And letting parents know when and where pickup and dropoff will occur can be done in just minutes.

Together BusBoss and Blackboard can save you time and keep your community better informed. To learn more, visit the Blackboard K-12 Partner page, or download our partnership datasheet.


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