In my blog last week I introduced you to a few of the Blackboard Learn experts who will be onsite in New Orleans next week ready to talk to you about new features, workflows, integrations, and extensions to Learn. To ensure you get the most out of your time at BbWorld here is round two of “Meet the Blackboard Learn Experts”.  These individuals will be presenting sessions but also spending a lot of time in either the Blackboard booth (in the exhibit hall) or at the Digital Content & Upgrade Center which will be located on the Main Foyer Level 2 of the convention center.  Seek them out, ask questions and share your best practices with them.

These Bbers will be sharing their favorite features and workflows at the Blackboard Learn booth – here is the schedule, so stop by!

Keely McDonough

Keely McDonough



Keely McDonough (Solutions Engineer). Subject Matter Expertise: just about anything to do with Learn; SP8; upgrades from Classic and legacy WebCT.  Other cool interests: chat with Keely about running, books and playing the piano.  Twitter handle: @keelymcd



Brad Koch

Brad Koch





Brad Koch (Product Management).  Subject Matter Expertise: As leader of the product management team for Learn, Brad knows pretty much everything about Learn and ANGEL , but would say he really likes getting deep into Goals / Rubrics / Assessment Item Analysis and Reporting.  Other cool interests: stand up comedy and fly fishing.



Leslie Day

Lelsie Day





Leslie Day (Product Marketing). Subject Matter Expertise: deep knowledge of grading workflows and interactive learning tools (blogs, wikis) and K-12 education. Overall expert in course delivery feature set. Other cool interests: dogs (her puppy Kemba has been keeping her busy!), international travel and spending time with friends and family.  Twitter handle: @leslieday


Francesca Goneconti





Francesca Goneconti (Product Marketing). Subject Matter Expertise:  Community Engagement (Tabs, Modules, Branding, Organizations, Institutional Hierarchy), Social Learning and Content Management. Other cool interests: figure skater and scuba diver when possible, self proclaimed TV junkie!  Twitter handle: @fgoneconti




Vivek Ramgopal





Vivek Ramgopal (Product Marketing). Subject Matter Expertise: Best practices for programmatic assessment and accreditation, content management strategies. Overall deep knowledge of Outcomes Assessment module. Other cool interests: Moonlights as a sports and pop culture writer and aspiring Top Chef.  Twitter handle: @EdTechVivek


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