My move to K-12 was a very personal decision for me due to that fact that I have two kids, including one in D.C. Public Schools. When I think back on my education and personal development some of my earliest educational experiences have stuck with me throughout the years. I have a passion for education and am constantly looking for ways to improve our K-12 solutions to positively impact teaching and learning and communications.

In recognition of Teacher Appreciation Week I wanted to stop and take a moment to thank a teacher who first inspired me to be a lifelong learner.

Mr. Ochs was my 5th grade teacher in Burnsville, MN. He was my favorite teacher because he took a personal interest in ME. He understood what I liked and what was interesting to me and challenged me, every day. His passion for teaching made me realize that you make a difference, one on one, every day. And that every child matters. So this one’s for you Mr. Ochs! Thank you for caring and taking the time to make me feel special. You made a tremendous impact on me and my life.

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