Featured Authors

  • Katie Blot
    Katie Blot is the Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy, Marketing, and Business Line Management for Blackboard. In this capacity, she drives the strategic planning process and helps set the direction for the company in order to fulfill our mission of reimagining education. Katie and her organization are focused on assessing and evaluating industry trends, engaging with the education and education technology communities in meaningful ways and identifying and executing strategic partnerships.

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  • Jon Kolko
    Jon Kolko is Vice President of Design at Blackboard, and the Founder and Director of Austin Center for Design. His work focuses on bringing the power of design to social enterprises, with an emphasis on entrepreneurship and large-scale industry disruption. He has worked extensively with both startups and Fortune 500 clients, and he's most interested in humanizing educational technology. His latest book is "Well Designed: How to use Empathy to Create Products People Love", published by Harvard Business Review Press.

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  • Matthew Small
    Matthew Small is president, International for Blackboard. In this capacity, Matt is responsible for sales, marketing and operations to support the company's global growth outside North America. Matt also leads the company's corporate and business development functions.

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  • Stephanie Weeks
    Stephanie Weeks is happiest when making change with purpose. She loves the analysis of what is and what is not, the incorporation of ideas from many people into one future-driving force, and the realization of the impact as the change begins to form something new. Innovation only appears when someone drives change. As Vice President of K-12 Strategy for Blackboard, she’s been driving and supporting change for more than 12 years, focused on how people can succeed through education.

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